The motorization of blinds allows you to manipulate them more easily and with much less risk compared to physical breakage. Indeed, the fact that there goes no strings mechanism helps preserve your plant over the long term. The engines are very quiet and durable. With this technology, enabling your blinds is located only one click and ensures that they are always perfectly prepared. These products are recommended for larger windows and especially those located in height and difficult access. Blinds can be operated on a battery (D), 12 volts or 24 volts.




classic or modern styles, motorized venetian blinds are designed to filter the light of day and be able to provide complete privacy in your home or room in particular.







The roller blind is available in different materials to be creating a sunscreen, shut off the sun room or preserve your Outdoors nothing in losing your privacy.








Many kind combine opaque drapery and fabrics to fully block out the sun in the bedroom, for example. Do you break over the head with the complex window coverings and draperies let your work for you!






It is not only that control your blinds with a remote control. Although this option is available, programming of our experts makes it even more easy by automating opening the blinds in relation to the time you wake up, closing with sunset , close the blinds on the south side home when the sun beating down in these windows, etc. It is also possible to program preset scenes with different percentages of opening and closing blinds .




With our quality partners, we are able to provide a quality window treatments and a simplified solution that shall bring you more:

● The energy savings

● An additional means of security by organizing a program for blinds while you are away

● Protection for your furniture and glare reduction

● A Practical side that will save you time every day

● Fabrics and quality of window dressing


Also, you can manage the opening and closing of curtains easily with your tablet, smartphone or universal remote. It is also possible to have small remote controls around the house that attach and remove the wall easily. Contact us to discover the different styles, textures and colors!




  • Opaque fabric block the entrance of light into the space
  • Ideal for bedrooms and media rooms for complete privacy



  • The openings intertwined , much tighter , turn the light of day in a soothing intense light. This will give a better intimacy with parts such as the bathroom




  • Interlaced openings maintain an outside view and filter the sunlight . Ideal for rooms (rooms) that does not require complete privacy .




Contact us to discover the different styles, textures and colors !