Domolek 's mission is to make your life easier through domotized solution. The goal is simple : make your life easier while creating energy savings. The majority of these savings resident in control of the lighting and the heating. The combination of these two elements is between 20 % and 40 % of your energy bill.

Whether you want to automate the opening of your blinds in the morning or a multi-room audio integration , our experts reduces the effort and help you understand your system. Our seasoned experts will not only provide you with quality programming , but also be able to impress you with our professionalism.


Plan and design your project


This first step is to get to know our customers well to identify their desires, but especially those needs related to the home automation system. Our team also advises the level of current technologies that evolve without ceasing. Whether it's lighting, motorized blinds , audio and wireless , video , common integration of home systems or heating , our team will use all his skill to offer the most complete solution best suited to your needs, desires and budget.


Project implementation

It is at this stage that begins the true expert job. The first visit is to the work of pre-wiring . The preparation and arrangement of networks run-throughs , electrical, etc. is important for the next steps. When the walls are closed installing products is performed and then the programmation & automation job can be done . 


After-sales and technical support services


Our team is always there for you! Training on the system is an integral part of our service. We ensure that our customers are experts in their systems before we leave the house ! The documents on the multiple systems will be delivered and product warranties will be detailed and specified. In short, we support you from the beginning to the end of your project!



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