The integration plays a big role in the simplicity of your system. Regarding the projects that are being created , the more you see your expert in automation sooner , the better the structure of your project . Therefore , we will be able to properly analyze your needs to provide you the solution that best integrates your systems. Indeed, all depending on the systems already in place , certain products and brands have an easier time communicating together or protocols are already provided for this purpose .




New System

Regarding the purchase of a new system or one system , planning is paramount. The fact that you want a lighting control system in the first place . If you think adding an audio system speaker and integrates with your lighting control, some systems integrate easily and have to plan ahead to your future needs , but especially your future . We also offer some solutions to unify control of your home automation systems dispute over a single interface. In short, it is possible to control the entire ecosystem of your smart home . You can customize these interfaces for each system !



Existing System

For an existing system, the priority is the recovery of all programming files , checking connectivity residency in general and of all devices feature test . Subsequently, our team will be able to present the optimal integration solution with a better understanding of your needs, your system and your desires .



Control Tools

  • Several options are available at this level:
  • Android and Apple Smart phones
  • Android and Apple Tablets (mobile)
  • Detachable wall mount for Ipad
  • On-wall touch screen
  • On-wall keypads