Today the companies seek to be as Effective as possible. Awareness is especially moves to Energy Efficiency. Through the integration of automation, or smart Lighting Controls, many companies realize substantial savings annually. Contact us to find out how the Lighting Control Strategies can save energy in the company, reduce costs while meeting building and energy codes and ultimately creating an environment Comfortable working and intelligent. You are a contractor or designer? You have project ideas that you want to share? Leave us your details in the Contractors and Designers section.




Individual Office

Maximize Productivity and Comfort of your employees while achieving energy savings even each workstation.




Open Office

The Lighting and Controls Motorized Blinds are at the heart of an open air office.





Conference Room

Conference Rooms at the cutting edge of technology. Whether it's lighting games, Connectivity Audio Visual or even Motorized blinds, our team can enhance the quality of your presentation and functionality of the room.






Restaurants & Bars

Make your restaurant or bar the destination of choice by delivering uncompressed signals to your TVs without the clutter of a cable box, remote controls or other devices.



Simplify and automate your lighting, your blinds , audio / video distribution , your heating and more!   Whether it is to control your complete establishment on an iPad , establish a video wall system and video distribution , display a wide range of screen for sporting events , we have the solution that is going to fit your buisness's needs.








Fitness Centres & Gyms


Integration and control solutions for all audio and video devices in the establishment. 






Hotel rooms

Create a world-class experience through our multiple systems integration solutions. Make sure your rooms provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury to your guests, while increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. Our solutions in this area put you in complete control of the hotel through surveillance, controls lighting and heating , audio / video integration , access control , etc.






Immerse your students in their courses and facilitate the use of devices for teachers with a shared interactive and intuitive class. No need to change all the equipment in place . Just adding a multimedia audio integration / video and other places in systems is required. Take your business into the 21st century and facilitate faculty life by providing them with simple and effective tools they need to meet the students of tomorrow.



Entrepreneurs and designers

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