Audio/Video Integration

Domolek provides the ability to control the content of several televisions or multiroom sound system . Restaurants, bars, hotels, schools, conference rooms, retail trade , whatever your needs, we have simplified the solution !



Regarding home automation, you can integrate your existing audio visual system.

We offer:


  • Concealment of the speaker wire and the systems calibration
  • Speakers on foot (towers)
  • Speakers shelf
  • Conceiled speakers (walls and ceiling)
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Video solutions (TVs and projectors on request)
  • Wall mount for TVs
  • Complete solution for a set of home theater
  • Configuration and explanations
  • Consulting and Project Evaluation


Wireless Solutions

SONOS Playbar et Sub

SONOS Playbar et Sub

SONOS Play:1,  Play: 3 et  Play: 5  

SONOS Play:1, Play:3 et Play:5  



The main benefits of the Sonos system

Sonos HiFi sound and combines robust wireless technology. Discover your favorite music on the only music system that combines a rich, warm with fast wireless network, dedicated to broadcasting audio HiFi.


Sonos lets you stream all the music in the world - from any source to all rooms ..

Go to different music sources from an application associated with complete multi-room capabilities, allowing you to listen to all your musical in every room of your home.


Sonos is easy to configure, control and extend.

Press two buttons and begin your listening experience by using a powerful application to access your music with a modular system that can be extended to other parts of your home.


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