Integrating your existing system or installing a surveillance system that corresponds to your home and your needs.



  • With this technology, the security of your data is maximum. It operates on a closed network often connected to a TV so a view live images and recordings necessary.
  • Does not consume bandwidth at your internet package.


2. IP

  • Access to recorded footage and live images via an application (computer, smartphone or tablet).
  • Up to 1080p resolution.
  • Uses the bandwidth of your network.




Unlock the door while away on your phone to let the housekeeper go or be notified when your children come home from school.

  •        Instant control of all access
  •        On-site or remotely (Application)
  •        Notifications on the go from the house
  •        Bluetooth compatible door handle and Wi-Fi





Audio and video ip poe

AI-  iS92 from Alpha

AI-iS92 from Alpha

- Show on a mobile app on your phone and lets you control it from anywhere.







Audio, video and doorlock control 

- Shows on a monitor on the inside and lets you unlock the door from distance.




AI-  iSP4 from Alpha

AI-iSP4 from Alpha




Commercial Intercoms  (multiplex and condos)

- Audio and video intercoms that are able to communicate over the network or with GSM services.

- These models aslo come with RFID tags 

 audio/video screen Alpha 7''

 audio/video screen Alpha 7''